The following subjects are included in this course 👉 Electrical Materials (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Electrical Circuits (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Magnetic Fields (C Karthik Sir) 👉 Power Electronics and Drives (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Control Systems (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Electrical Machines (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Power Systems (Thotakura NSC Sekhar & KN Rao sir) 👉 Measurements and Instrumentation (Thotakura NSC Sekhar Sir) 👉 Analog & Digital Electronics (Nrusimha chary Sir) 👉 Systems and Signal Processing (Srihari Sir) 👉 Power Plant Engineering (G Naga Chaitanya Sir and TNSC Sekhar sir) 👉 Thermodynamics (Dr.Siva Rama Krishna Sir) 👉 Heat Transfer (Dr.Siva Rama Krishna Sir) 100+ Practice Tests(Topic wise tests, Full length tests) with more than 2500+ MCQs This course is taught in Tenglish (Telugu, English Blend) This course can be accessed through mobile devices only. Not for laptop or desktops.